Cultivating the Fashion Industry along the Gulf Coast

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We work hard to grow and develop designers and retailers to strengthen economically and to be socially aware of the community.

Designer Support

We are in constant communications with designers, boutiques, hairstyles, makeup artist, photographers, and more. Our communications helps build a database of knowledge to continue to educate.


Mobile Fashion Council is a 501(C)(3) with a very simple concept. Develop the fashion community along the Gulf Coast and promote social & economic growth for our little part of the fashion world!

A Opportunity Like No Other

Are you fashion forward? Do you have a fashionable skill set that you would like to develop? Do you want hands on experience with fashion experts? Join the team!

Fashion Council Events

Fashion Council is more then just our end of the year gala "Fashion Week!" We are about promoting fashion along the Gulf Coast, and here are some events that support our community which means we are there.

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Mobile Fashion Week - Mobile Fashion Council

That’s a wrap! After three fantastic nights of fashion, Mobile Fashion Week is over. Closing night had an even bigger turnout than opening night; so big, that traffic directors were needed. The food trucks set up outside, making for a cool eating environment. Two new food trucks joined Chef Will Hughes’ truck tonight: Von’s Restaurant and […]

Opening Night - Mobile Fashion Council

Opening night of Mobile Fashion Week had a huge turnout. Tons of people showed up for fashion, food, and fun! There were even more boutiques featured tonight, as well as their accompanying fashion shows. Bella Boutique, located in Mobile’s Pineville Shopping Center, is a “chic, unique boutique.” In their show, they featured suede skirts, hats, tassel […]

BIG HAIR - Mobile Fashion Week
PRACFASH | Mobile Fashion Council

PRAC-FASH = Practical Fashion We often get clients in South Alabama/Gulf Coast, who feel utterly overwhelmed when they shop in department stores/boutiques and have no clue where to start when it comes to fashion while dealing with crazy weather, carpool, and other events that are OUT of our their control. Well, fashion lovers, you are […]

The Hautes For Hoffman | Mobile Fashion Council

From one small town dreamer with skyscraper aspirations to another, it’s always refreshing to find an individual with a distinct eye ahead of its time…and area code. Rewind to 2013, I recall sitting front row at a local fashion benefit alongside a close companion and fellow style enthusiast as we watched independent designers and boutiques […]

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It takes a village to create an organization that promotes education, fashion, and the economic growth of retailers along the Gulf Coast

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